Saturday, February 20, 2010

This is a good one really as having a special needs child changes a lot in your life. You seem to have a fight on your hands to get all the necessary help that is required in order to bring my son to the stage of entering mainstream school when a special needs assistant in place. In the area I live there is no autistic team in place so he has only received occupational therapy since his diagnosis. Speech Therapy was withdrawn, as there is no one that can take him on. This meant I had to do a speech and language course in order that I can teach him myself. He also needed to go to playschool with visits from the Early Intervention Team but they are infrequent and would not be of benefit in his development. I applied for home tuition and this has been the only area along with occupational therapy that has been of benefit to him. He will go to playschool in September 05 with a special needs assistant as the relevant people have put the funds in place (this never happened by the way). He was also to receive a home programme with regards to teaching him the approaite skills he needs to get to mainstream school in September 06 (this never happened by the way again). He will receive home tuition again in September 05. With early intervention there should be no reason for him not to enter school at the age he should. This was a hard slog.

More to come . . .

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