Saturday, February 20, 2010

What ever made you aware your son or daughter would be different?

From around 18 months he did not respond in the way that would be age approciate as I already had a daughter and things were not moving in the same direction. My son activities centered on lining up cars, putting things straight and moving drawers into been pulled out exactly even. He had no interest in getting involved with activities I would have assumed normal for his age. He would never respond to his name and seemed to be in a world of his own not wanting any interaction from me or anyone else in his life. By the age of 2 he still had no speech and I was led to believe he may be deaf and in turn carried out a test which told me he had full hearing. I was extremely concerned but no matter how much I tried to get an opinion on him I was always told he was a late developer or he had a speech impairment. He was doing speech therapy between ages 2 to 3 yrs with minimal improvement. During this time he remained in his own world and I I was on the waiting list for a psychologist to see him having got a referral from his G.P. The area health nurse seen him and she was concerned at this stage as he was now 3 and had still not improved in his speech dvelopment. Finally after 7 long months on the waiting list he was finally diagnosed as autistic.

More to come . . .


  1. Great start, Lorraine! Looking forward to reading more xx

  2. Welcome to blogland Lorraine :) Look forward to following your story xxx

  3. Great start, I was terrified when I put up my first post (saw your status update), but it does get easier, good on you for jumping in:) Jen.

  4. Welcome to blogging Lorraine, I hope you find it as therapeutic as I do. Great start look forward to reading more. xx

  5. Hi Lorraine, So is this a recent diagnosis? Or are you just starting to tell the whole story? If it is recent then I can understand what you are going through as I have been on the autism ride for many years now as Griffin is 8 years old now and was diagnosed at age 18 months. It is so important to have support....which you will find on facebook and through other autism blogs. I have had my blog for 5 years and have made some friends that are very close to me now. I, for one, am always available for support through fb.

    Feel free to look up my blog that is on my profile Lora Hawkins Aspiotis and read some of my entries from 2005 when Griffin was only 3 years old and there you will find a very confused and often frustrated mother who was a single parent isolated in Alaska with an autistic son with whom she was still trying to figure out how to cope. Now I am still a single parent but our challenges are not so daunting and I have tons of support which makes all the difference in the world.

    On my blog there is a blogroll where there is listed many resources for autism and lots of other blogs that I read.

    If you are just beginning your story and there is more to come then I am anxiously awaiting the rest of it. You had said that it was hard to start so I am thinking that it is the beginning for you but not to worry we are here for ya...if you don't have that many friends on fb related to autism then I will be your guide and hook you up with plenty of moms just like us who would love to help out.


  6. Lora, no, old news. I just started this tonight. Cormac is 8 years old now and you sound same as me. Thanks so much, I'm on my own too with my lovely daughter Caroline and Cormac. I've been through so much and it was lovely to hear from you and FaceBook has put me in touch with all the friends I never knew and I love it. For 5 years, I've been doing this on my own with no support. Thanks again Lora xx

  7. we really are on a very similar journey hun, your ahead of me and your lad has come on in leaps and bounds so it gives me hope luca will too

    well done you

    keep them coming xxxx